Imagine you don't have to write tests.

But you still have a perfect bug detector for your code.
And no false positives among bugs.
Tests are generated automagically — with the highest code coverage,
fine-tuned mocking, and human-readable test descriptions.
Sounds fantastic? No more.

Yet another test template tool?
Quite the opposite.

While a test template tool gives you just an outline,
UnitTestBot generates ready-to-use test cases —
with valid inputs, method bodies, assertions, and comments.

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Simple example

Test the code all over.

UnitTestBot has a dynamic symbolic execution engine in its core, complemented with a smart fuzzing technique. Together they can explore program execution paths, covering as many of them as possible while keeping test suite minimized.

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Full class example

Find bugs no one can catch.
Eliminate false positives.

UnitTestBot can uncover bugs hidden deeply in an interprocedural control flow graph. All the found bugs are indeed real — zero false positive rate is guaranteed.

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No false positives

Mock properly.
Static methods as well.

Want to mock I/O operations, random number generator or other modules? UnitTestBot provides you with both default and fine adjustment options for your mocks.

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Mocks example

UnitTestBot stands for "human-readable".

UnitTestBot represents all the test descriptions in a human-readable format. The intelligible test method names and comments help you to control the whole testing process. Test failed? The description refers you to points of interest in execution paths.

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Human readable tests example

Capable for every tech you need.

UnitTestBot Java/Kotlin supports the latest JDKs, JUnit 4, JUnit 5, TestNG, Mockito and works with all popular operating systems.
You can also try UnitTestBot C/C++, Python and JavaScript. UnitTestBot Go is under development. Stay tuned!

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