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VS Code plugin description

It is intended that most users operate with UTBot via its Visual Studio Code plugin. UTBot and its VS Code plugin communicate through gRPC protocol.

VSCode plugin

  • Tests generation commands to VSCode Command Palette. UTBot can generate tests for:
    • whole project
    • file
    • function
    • line, i.e. generate a test that forces the execution to run through the selected code line (if such a test exists)
    • assertion, i.e. generate test that fails selected assertion (if exists)
    • output, i.e. generate a test that forces selected function to return a specific value (if exists).
  • VSCode Lenses with actions for running a single test, all tests and test suite for one source file
  • Icons in VSCode Side Bar, which show UTBot status
  • VSCode Activity Bar item for selecting project sources and project targets
  • UTBot extension settings for customizing UTBot behaviour.