UnitTestBot C/C++.
Changes your experience of unit testing.

Powered by the enhanced KLEE symbolic execution engine, UnitTestBot C/C++ is here to overcome the expectations for unit testing: automatically generated ready-to-use tests with inputs and method bodies, error and regression suites with maximum coverage, testing code containing almost any C feature, auto-generated stubs — all wrapped in a user-friendly interface.

Make testing fast, reliable and effortless.

Get the most out of UnitTestBot C/C++ with the detailed user guide.
Read why UnitTestBot C/C++ is capable of supporting the most advanced testing features.

Tests generation example

Easily configure.

UnitTestBot C/C++ makes generating tests straightforward and intuitive. It can automatically configure your project and get all the necessary information — you just need a CMakeLists.txt file or a build script.

Configuration example

Find your UnitTestBot C/C++.

UnitTestBot C/C++ is based on a client-server architecture. Run server on Ubuntu and connect to it using VS Code extension or CLion plugin for Windows/Linux, or try command-line interface (available for Ubuntu only).

UnitTestBot VS Code and CLion plugin example

Check for bugs, commit successful tests.

UnitTestBot C/C++ provides you both with the error and the regression suite.
Find invalid code fragments, fixate current behavior, detect the regressions or update tests if needed.

Create tests for a specific line, a file, a function or a project.

It's even possible to generate a test for an assertion — the test that fails the selected assertion.
Ask for a test with a prompted result: generate a test that forces the selected function to return a specific value (if possible).

Get use of auto-generated stubs.

UnitTestBot C/C++ detects whether the function is called from the other module and can automatically stub it. These stubs are customizable, and you can turn them off if needed.

Test the code with the language feature you need.

Check supported C and C++ syntax with generated test examples.

Use CMake or Make.

Choose the build system suitable for your project.

Get tests in Google Test format.

One of the most popular test formats fits to both C and C++ code.